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Consumer Internet

Evernote helps people remember their ideas, things they see, and things they like using all of the computers, phones and devices that they have on-hand.
From text notes to snapshots to interesting websites to file attachments, Evernote makes capturing anything of personal interest incredibly simple. Once something is added Evernote, that content is automatically synchronized with the Web and with all other versions of Evernote that a person uses—making notes created on a desktop accessible on a mobile phone and vice versa.
OKTOGO is an online travel agency designed specifically for to serve Russian travelers. It brings the best practices of the western online travel and provides for the needs such needs of Russian travelers as offline payments and visa support.
OKTOGO was founded by founders of and DataArt, one of Russia's leading software outsourcing companies.
Wikimart is an online shopping mall that helps merchants to take advantage of the latest technology and marketing scale of a shared platform. Wikimart serves independent merchants and online shoppers, striving to make online trade an easy, convenient, and safe experience for both parties.
Wikimart was born in April 2008 in Escondido Village, Stanford University, right at the heart of the Silicon Valley. Two Stanford MBA students at the time, Max Faldin and Kamil Kurmakayev, after four months of the meticulous search for “the idea”, having evaluated such extremes as bakery chain and apartment rental business, decided to build an online shopping mall in Russia. The company was launched in June 2008, and hired its first employee.
The Wikimart started to "officially" serve Moscow customers. In June-July 2009 Wikimart closed its first investment round from a pool of high-profile international business angels.
KupiVIP, based in Moscow, provides an exclusive, invitation-only online destination where Members discover premier-brand, private sale Events. For each event offers one Brand for the duration of one to three days at “club prices” which are significantly lower than average retail.
Digital Access is the largest Russian online service for professional video content. It is an aggregator of internet rights for professional videos with a catalogue of more than 10000 hours of top TV serials, shows, movies, music video clips and other content. We have our own distribution and streaming service to most important Russian internet sites which have video sections, and we have built an experienced advertising sales team specializing in online video ads. is the largest Russian internet retail shop offering its customers a wide selection (over 620'000 items) of books, electronics, product for kids and other goods online. The company uses its own technological platform to deliver seamless online buying experience and supports various payment and delivery options. This enables to have truly nationwide coverage and service customers from Russian regions. In 2009's sales reached 3, 1 billion RUR, a progression of 21 % vs. previous year. The company enlarged its product offering and launched a series of new features (a personal recommendation engine, a wish list functionality and C2C trading platform for second-hand books) which consolidated its position at the top of the Russian e-commerce market. In spring 2009, launched - a high-tech online booking system offers customers superior quality service, easy and reliable booking platform and convenient payment options. In the course of 2009 it invested over $20 mln in its new operational center located in Tver.
The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Moscow. By end of 2009 employed over 800 people.

IT, cloud & services

Acumatica develops cloud ERP software that can be deployed on premise, hosted in a datacenter, or run on a cloud computing platform. Using Acumatica, mid-sized businesses with complex financial, operational, and reporting requirements can work anywhere using any popular web-browser. Acumatica streamlines business tasks such as financial reporting, customer management, customer invoicing, purchasing, inventory management, and much more. Acumatica includes advanced security and customization tools to deliver software according to specific client requirements. Acumatica is distributed through a world-wide network of partners.
iiko provides a full range of products for hospitality industry. iiko’s flagship RMS solution integrates all business processes in a restaurant: orders, take-outs, bonuses & discounts, inventory, payroll, finances, video surveillance and music management. Additionally iikoChain provides restaurant chains with centralize management and reporting. IIKO’s social networking product is in private beta.
IIKO’s competitive advantages are deep focus on the vertical market, tight software integration and modern web technologies. We license software and lease it through SaaS model. iiko distribution network contains over 50 partners.
InfoWatch is an innovative software company developing cutting-edge internal information security solutions, including data leakage prevention (DLP). The company was founded in 2003 and is a member of the Kaspersky Lab group of companies.
InfoWatch solutions protect sensitive information against various risks, including deliberate theft and negligence on hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 40 cities.
InfoWatch flexible tailor-made solutions and strong professional expertise allow us to serve both enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. Our customers, leading international and Russian companies and governmental institutions, value InfoWatch integration and adaptation support in building unified corporate information security infrastructures.
VideoMost offers high-quality PC-based videoconferencing over the Internet for corporate users who participate in a number of workgroups to save their time on travel and meetings. * High audio/video quality (#1 user concern), unlike WebEx with low-quality video. * Platform for Service Providers to offer videoconferencing SaaS to their subscribers (67% of companies see web-videoconferencing as #1 SaaS to buy). * Highly-scalable server software (1000 video sessions on a single PC server for 3,000USD), giving them high margin. * Secure (unlike Skype) and high-quality videoconferencing, though easy to deploy and manage, unlike complicated unified communication offerings from Cisco or Microsoft.
Competentum is a Industry Leading Russian based e-Learning company offering a full range of solutions for the Education, Government and Corporate Markets.
Main Competentum products are:
      - ShareKnowledge ( - corporate LMS (Learning Management System), based on Microsoft Office SharePoint technology and awarded as the best solution in Central and Eastern Europe.
      - - on-line learning for Russian high school students and preparation for National State Exam.


ZAO Pharmsynthez is manufacturer of small molecular chemical active pharmaceutical ingredients. Majority of company’s revenue comes from marketing of four proprietary original drugs: Neovir ®, Fenazid ®, Pencrofton ® and Segidrin ®.  The drug pipeline is being developed and the number of proprietary drugs is expected to increase to 11 by 2013.
The Bioprocess Group is engaged in process development, production and marketing of biopharmaceutical products.
ZAO Biocad is a biotechnology company established in Russia in 2001.
The company specializes in both R&D and full-cycle manufacturing of pharmaceuticals: the medical products are developed by the company’s own research department, and the final products are manufactured at the state-of-the-art production facility in the town of Petrovo-Dalnyee (Krasnogorsk District of the Moscow Region) in strict accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles. Our professional sales team is represented in 47 cities in the Russian Federation, as well as in Ukraine and Belarus.
The main sphere of the company’s activities is the development of original and generic medication for urology, gynecology, oncology and neurology applications.
Yunona Medical Holding has been operation in the Russian and international markets for over 15 years. The first company of the holding was established in 1994, and now it comprises over 10 companies specializing in various businesses with the total permanent staff of over 600 employees. The holding mainly focuses on manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.
In particular, the Yunona Medical Holding controls OOO Medsintez Plant (manufacturing of infusion solutions and human insulin), OOO Dizet Plant (manufacturing of concentrates for dialysis, artificial kidney equipment, water preparation systems and other medical equipment), as well as a number of other business units specializing in construction design and development.
The main activity of Binnofarm is pharmaceutical operations, specifically the development and production of biotechnological, genetically-engineered medicines (including vaccines against hepatitis B), as well as the production and wholesale of medications, wholesale of pharmaceutical substances, and the capitalization of assets in the pharmaceutical field.
Portable Raman & Lumen Spectrometers, access to the remote Database to match or add substances.
All data about substances for verification/matching purposes is contained in the remote single database, stored on the central server
Any EnSpectr device can be easily used for adding new data on substance to remote DB
Each portable spectrometer will have an internet access to DB to perform matching and adding new substance operations
The next ‘big wave’ in imaging for everything from cells to stars
Safe for health camcorder based on usual semiconductor chip, which effectively ‘sees’ what happens inside the wall, under the ground or inside human’s body. Such cameras create bigger business opportunities than medical and technology x-rays, MRI and other Medical Imaging methods
Terasense devices are operable at indoor temperature, safe like a cellular phone, compact and cost-effective like a video-camera


Vidimax is High Definition on-demand content service.
Vidimax box and service deliver instant access to the large collection of movies and TV shows in any format including HD, without requiring costly equipment (i.e. blue-ray players, cable /satellite TV service) and regardless of broadband internet connection. An access and navigation over vast library is exercised via TV remote controller.
SPIRIT is a technology enabling company with extensive experience in carrier-grade VoIP communication solutions. SPIRIT’s software products add real-time voice and video communications to every IP-service, application or communication device, allowing carriers, device manufacturers and application developers to streamline time-to-market, reduce churn and boost revenues. More than 100+ million embedded voice channels in 80+ countries are based on SPIRIT’s technology.
Among SPIRIT customers are AT&T, British Telecom, China Mobile, China Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, Korea Telecom, NTT Communications, Skype, Cisco, Ericsson, HP, HTC, Huawei, Kyocera, LG, Nortel, Samsung, Siemens, Veraz Networks, ZTE, Adobe, Blizzard Entertainment, Microsoft and 200+ more.
Founded in 2008 by industry veterans with serial entrepreneurship successes and mastery in QoS technology with solid understanding of carrier market trends, Razoom designs, develops, and markets a scalable service creation platform for carriers and service providers with innovations in QoS, Virtualized service-creation and Network Monitoring technologies. Razoom enables services such as Managed Bandwidth and Preferential Services. Bandwidth can be pooled, transferred, and flexibly allocated per the service levels. Preferential Services seek to offer differing levels of QoS per flow or group of flows, dynamically and policy-based. As an example, one video stream can be given a different QoS treatment over another video stream. Razoom’s target customers are excited by what Razoom brings to their revenue potential. Already, Razoom is in negotiations with several potential clients today. The most advanced relationships are reached with one of the large network operators in Western Europe and Russia.
SJ Labs was founded in 1999 to make R&D for the US market using Russian R&D resources. In several years it has became the world leader in the VoIP softphone production. The company had served many IP telephony operators and millions users over the world. Its product, SJphone, was recognized as The Product of the Year for several times. Creating the first in the industry PDA WiFi softphone was another big achievement of SJ Labs.
In 2007 SJ Labs was acquired by YMAX to work together on their magicJack product. More than four millions jacks have been sold since. Russian R&D team is headed by Alexander Andreev
FreshTel is the first 4G MobileWiMAX-based network in Ukraine. FreshTel provides high-speed, mobile, unlimited access to the internet.